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Source: FreightWaves

Why are railroads still important in the current era?

Railroads are the most efficient transportation mode for moving goods on the earth’s surface. Railroads are of particular importance for the movemen

Source: FreightWave

What is rail intermodal?

Rail intermodal is the transportation method of moving freight on the earth’s surface by two modes, by railroad and also by truck. The freight can b

Source: FreightWaves

How shippers should manage their bids

Transportation bids, which are sometimes called requests for proposal/pricing (RFP) or requests for quotation (RFQ), are requests from shippers to tra

Source: FreightWaves

Rail rates move closer to trucking adding to dray volatility

Despite a tough 2019 market, shippers face increasing price volatility around intermodal drayage as rail becomes more cost competitive compared with o

Source: FreightWaves

12 tips for freight brokerage success

If it seems that freight brokerage – both digital and traditional services are popping up on a daily basis, it could be because they are – or it a

freight agenttrucking
Source: FreightWaves

How does weather impact supply chains?

Major weather events such as hurricanes, blizzards, and historic flooding can produce immediate volatility as well as lasting effects on supply chains

Source: FreightWaves

This Week’s Forecast

Source: FreightWaves

Plastic resin exports drive growth for container-on-barge service

The container-on-barge business of the SCF Marine Inc.’s SEACOR America’s Marine Highway (AMH) unit has seen its business grow rapidly with the bo

containersenvironmentmaritimeocean cargo
Source: FreightWaves

Trade deal unlikely to result in rapid return of cargo volumes

Port of Los Angeles Executive Gene Seroka cautioned the port’s Board of Harbor Commissioners that even if a trade deal is reached with China, it may

cargointernational tradeportstrade
Source: FreightWaves

Trump restores $7.6 billion for state highway projects

President Donald Trump has signed off on legislation blocking a planned cut of $7.6 billion worth of Highway Trust Fund (HTF) money set aside for stat

Source: FreightWaves

FreightWaves oil report: U.S. growing role as an exporter; what’s up in California

A few random observations about what has been going on in the world of oil during the past week: – For four of the last seven weeks, the U.S. has

exportimport/exportinternational tradeoil reporttrade
Source: FreightWaves

Freight rail seeks ways to stay afloat amid sinking rail volumes

As the freight rail industry looks ahead to 2020, the leaders of several Class I railroads and railroad lessors said a return to volume growth isn’t

freight railrail industryrailroad
Source: FreightWaves

Container terminals benefit at the expense of trucking companies, regulator reveals

“Higher infrastructure charges helped to drive growth in unit revenues for the stevedores for the first time since 2011-12.” That’s the official

container terminalscontainerstruckin
Source: FreightWaves

Truck safety advocates blast FCC spectrum carve-out plan

A proposal by U.S. federal regulators to reassign a section of airwaves currently dedicated to advanced communications among cars and trucks will make

Source: FreightWaves

The camera sees all: Phone usage, smoking in cab now trigger driver alerts

In-cab video monitoring continues to advance, and an Israeli-based computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) company is introducing software th

securutytechnologytruck drivers
Source: FreightWaves

Trucks carried 70% of all U.S.-Mexico freight in September, up $400 million, according to data

Trucks again carried the majority of cross-border imports and exports during the month of September, according to the U.S. Department of Transportatio

border crossingimport/exporttradetrucks
Source: FreightWaves

Only a few diehards continue to run AOBRDs

Only about 2% of carriers are still running automatic onboard recording devices (AOBRDs) ahead of the December electronic logging device (ELD) complia

aobrdcarrierstruck driverstruckers
Source: FreightWaves

South Korea agrees to extra serving of US rice

The U.S. government has reached an agreement with South Korea to allow the import of 132,304 metric tons of U.S. rice per year. The agreement, whic

exportinternational tradeusa
Source: FreightWaves

Carriers grasping for straws while losing ground

The trucking industry operates in a market based on real-time demand and supply. When demand is higher than capacity, carriers gain negotiating power

carrierdriverssupply and demandtruckerstrucking industry
Source: FreightWaves

Regulators waver on autonomous vehicle crash safety oversight

A top federal official told lawmakers who are urging regulators to close loopholes on safety standards for autonomous vehicle (AV) testing that doing

Source: FreightWaves

U.S. rail volumes slump in flat peak season

Year-to-date U.S. rail volumes slipped again the week ending Nov. 16 amid industry observations that the peak season this year was muted for rail.

Source: FreightWaves

Blockchain decentralization proves difficult in oil and gas industry

Ondiflo, a Houston-based startup, was founded by Jean-Pierre Foehn and Rana Basu at the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) Symposium in 2017. The

oil & gas industry
Source: FreightWaves

Five ways digitization and ecommerce changed freight shipping

Digitization is an ongoing process that’s proving consequential in nearly every industry. This is certainly true of freight shipping, where digitiza

Source: FreightWaves

CBP increases inspections of imported tomatoes and pepper fruits for virus

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will increase inspections of imported tomatoes and peppers by Nov. 22 to protect against the introduction of

cbpimported goodsinspectiontrade
Source: FreightWaves

Container service returning to Portland, Oregon

Farmers and other shippers in Oregon got some good news this week when the South Korea-based container carrier SM Line announced it will bring weekl

containersmaritimeocean cargoports
Source: FreightWaves

Teamsters, port and rail drivers defend AB5’s limits on independent contractors

Southern California port and rail drivers, along with union and labor advocates, pushed back against industry critics of a new labor law that seeks to

driversindependent contractorlawlegal
Source: FreightWaves

Community service sentence imposed on truck parking fee fraudster

A truck parking fees scam has landed former logistics supervisor Chow Chi-yeung, 42, of Hong Kong, with 160 hours of community service. The sentence w

Source: FreightWaves

Slowing ships may have little CO2 reduction benefit

An International Maritime Organization (IMO) member country delegate said a study presented this week revealed engine power limitation (EPL) of 10% to

environmentmaritimeocean cargoships
Source: FreightWaves

Lawmakers propose $30M for transport worker ad campaigns

Three members of Congress have proposed $30 million for an ad campaigns over six years to raise awareness about careers in transportation — includin

campaigndriverslawlegaltruck drivers
Source: FreightWaves

Blockchain can help end child labor in cosmetics supply chains

The cosmetics market is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, with it being valued at $532 billion last year and projected to grow rapid

blockchainchild laborcosmetics industry
Source: FreightWaves

Lawmakers told foreign ships threatening US maritime sector

Many of the laws governing American ships — considered some of the most stringent in the world — are not being applied to foreign vessels operatin

Source: FreightWaves

FreightWaves oil report: so where is the impact from IMO 2020?

The anticipated surge in over-the-road diesel prices because of IMO 2020 has not occurred. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t impacts in othe

imooiloil reportoil supply chain
Source: FreightWaves

Reefer demand spikes as temperatures drop

Refrigerated/temperature controlled or otherwise affectionately known ‘reefer’ trailer demand is on the rise this November as temperatures drop an

Source: FreightWaves

Commentary: Cargo screening vs. inspection

In transportation analysis, it may be said that passengers are cargo that complain. For the most part, regulations can push passengers only so far bef

Source: FreightWaves

Joe Biden wants to launch low-carbon transportation strategy

Former vice president and Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is promoting a “new generation” of low-carbon trucking, shipping and aviation

Source: FreightWaves

Decline in U.S. rail volumes persists

Year-to-date U.S. rail volumes continued to trend lower again for the week ending Nov. 9, with overall rail traffic slipping over 4% amid an uncertain

declinerailrail volumesrailroad
Source: FreightWaves

US senators introduce ‘Women in Trucking’ bill

Two U.S. senators have introduced legislation that would require the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to take a formal role in supp

lawwomenwomen in trucking
Source: FreightWaves

Digitalizing roadside assistance is the need of the times

The advent of digitalization within the auto industry is opening up new opportunities, as changing consumer behavior and their preferences towards cus

Source: FreightWaves

Commentary: Fighting food waste by mapping food supply chains

This year, World Food Day fell on October 16. The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) released a new report about world hunger

environmentfood supply chainwaste
Source: FreightWaves

Carriers must compete with other industries to attract and keep drivers

Last year, freight executives were having near-constant conversations about retaining drivers in a hot market. Driver retention issues are not limited

carriercarriersdriverstransportationtruck drivers
Source: FreightWaves

The Panama Connection: by truck and rail, not canal

When people think Panama vis-à-vis shipping, they think of the canal. It’s actually a lot more complicated and interesting than that. Panama boa

international shippingrailshippingtransportationtrucks
Source: FreightWaves

Leveraging tech to move freight faster and safer – Demo Day 1 highlights

Technology that helps you get the most from your drivers, trucks and trailers was in the spotlight at the Rapid-Fire Demonstrations on Tuesday at Frei

Source: FreightWaves

For Freight’s Sake: Advice for new freight brokers and investors

Freight markets have always been a magnet for entrepreneurs. Long gone are the days of the Vanderbilts and Carnegies, but there are still fortunes to

freight brokerfreight marketinvestorsmarket
Source: FreightWaves

Rail shippers seek transload sites even as volumes still weak

Transloading, the process of moving product from one mode of transportation to another, is critical to freight shipping across the entire transportati

rail industrytransloading
Source: FreightWaves

Unions criticize practice of furloughing in the rail industry

Some rail unions are becoming more vocal about the rail industry’s practice of furloughing employees, saying the cuts in staffing that have resulted

furloughingrail industryrail unions
Source: FreightWaves

Airfreight industry continues to bump along market bottom

The latest statistics from airlines and airports reinforce what we already know: The air freight market is in a protracted recession. But filtering th

air freightmarket
Source: FreightWaves

FreightWaves oil report: a forecast for the future is good news for oil consumers

The annual report by OPEC that reviews and forecasts every corner of the world’s oil producing and consuming sectors should be read with happiness b

oil changesoil reporttransportationtrucking
Source: FreightWaves

Intermodal rail outperforms trucking in October

Intermodal container shipping spot rates averaged $0.07/mile higher in October versus September, while national longhaul van rates fell $0.03/mile on

intermodalintermodal railtransportation
Source: FreightWaves

Trucking operational costs soared 7.7% in 2018

The costs of operating a for-hire Class 8 truck rose 7.7% in 2018, the biggest jump since 2010 and the highest per-mile cost since the American Transp

cost per mileless then truckloadtransportationtrucking
Source: FreightWaves

Freight Futures daily curve: 11/6

Freight Futures market to watch today: East Region and Lanes Total calm is the best way to describe the Trucking Freight Futures markets on Tuesda

Source: FreightWaves

A Look into the 2020 Shipping Industry

financialfreightfreight marketinternational tradelogisticsshippingtransporttransportationtruckingusa
Source: FreightWaves

Visibility into operations is the biggest issue plaguing supply chains

Rising consumer expectations on delivery standards have compelled supply chains to react faster and push for digitalization, to ensure transparency ac

deliverylogisticssupply chain
Source: FreightWaves

Tech Connections: Limited interaction between demand and supply creates downstream inefficiencies

In his recent American Shipper article “Lines firing blanks ahead of Asia-Europe contracting season,” Mike King analyzed one of the chronic epis

ocean cargoocean freightshipssupply and demandtechnology
Source: FreightWaves

California Trucking Association VP urges caution on electric truck manufacturing standard

The vice president of government affairs for the California Trucking Association says the state’s Air Resources Board (CARB) should be realistic

Source: FreightWaves

Freight volumes bounce back with a strong week

Outbound tender volumes (OTVI.USA) rose by 3.76% year-over-year this week, closing back in on the year-to-date high of 6.78% from a month ago. The pri

freightfreight volumesmarket insight
Source: FreightWaves

Intermodal rail outperforms trucking in October

Intermodal container shipping spot rates averaged $0.07/mile higher in October versus September, while national longhaul van rates fell $0.03/mile on

container shippingintermodalintermodal railtransportationtrucking
Source: FreightWaves

US may put off auto tariffs again, Commerce secretary says

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross cast doubt Sunday on whether the U.S. will move ahead with tariffs on imported vehicles and parts Nov. 14. Progress

automotivecommerceinternational tradelawlegaltariffstrade
Source: FreightWaves

Congressional milestone may lead to billions for port funding

Government funding used to keep U.S. port channels dredged at depths needed to accommodate deep-draft ships could increase significantly if a mileston

Source: FreightWaves

Airbus results show uptick in revenue and earnings

European aircraft manufacturer Airbus reported on Oct. 30 that adjusted earnings before interest and tax rose 2% to €1.6 billion ($1.8 billion) in t

freightfreight marketshippingtransportation
Source: FreightWaves

Revenues flat, box volumes up, profits down for Cosco Shipping Ports

Hong Kong-based port operator Cosco Shipping Ports (HKEX: 1199) has announced mixed results for the third quarter of 2019. Revenues were flat and pr

Source: FreightWaves

Truckstop wants to be the “Iron Man” of freight with a new Jarvis-like offering

Truckstop, flush with new investment from ICONIQ, has embraced its Silicon Valley marriage by teasing an “Iron Man”-inspired, Jarvis-like assistan

Source: FreightWaves

Asian ocean box terminal operator HPH reports 5% fall in profit

Hutchison Port Holdings Trust (SGX: NS8U), a Singapore Stock Exchange-listed container terminal operator active in Hong Kong and mainland China, has

freight marketfuturelogisticsmarketnewsshippingtechnologytransportation
Source: FreightWaves

Super-powerful cyclone threatens Arabian Sea shipping and ports

Ocean shipping along the coast of Oman, in the Middle East and throughout the Arabian Sea, is being disrupted by Cyclone Kyarr – the most powerful s

Source: FreightWaves

Today’s Pickup: Oil and gas drillers pushed to the wall as banks cut price forecasts for 2020

Good day, Several major banks, including Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase, have reduced their expectations on the value of oil and gas reserves of c

freightfreight marketlogisticsshippingtransportation
Source: FreightWaves

Today’s pickup: Separating the wheat from the chaff in last-mile warehouses

Good day, Finding suitable urban warehouse space to support final-mile deliveries will be easier said than done. Expanded construction in many majo

freightfreight marketfuturelogisticsmarketnewsprofessionaltransportation
Source: FreightWaves

Canadian rail union eyes November strike

Members of the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC) could go on strike as early as Nov. 19 if negotiations dissolve with Canadian National (NYS

Source: FreightWaves

Wildfires closing roads, destroying homes across California

More than 15 wildfires are burning right now across the Golden State of California. Some of them have been raging for more than two weeks. The threa

Source: FreightWaves

Major Vietnamese seaport faces cargo delays due to sunken ship

A sunken vessel in one of Vietnam’s main waterways may impact ocean freight out of one of the United States’ fastest-growing trade partners. A

Source: FreightWaves

Pilot and crew ran ship aground because they ignored navigation equipment

Poor navigation and poor “bridge resource management” were the cause of the Maersk container ship, the Leda Maersk, running aground in a New Zea

Source: FreightWaves

FreightWaves oil report: Valero’s conference call had little good news on the impact of IMO 2020

The scenarios laid out by Valero officials on their third-quarter earnings call painted a picture of a market that already has begun to make moves lin

freight marketfuturemarketnewsoil reportprofessionaltransportation
Source: FreightWaves

DOWN UNDER TRUCKING: regulator and police probe truck remapping

Engines in Australian trucks may have been modified to allow them to break speed limits. Australian police have been raiding premises across the count

businesscargofinancialfreightfreight markettransportation
Source: FreightWaves

Borderlands: Mexico’s government close to legalizing marijuana; new international commercial bridge for US-Mexico

Borderlands is a weekly rundown of developments in the world of United States-Mexico cross-border trucking and trade. This week: Mexico’s governmen

Source: FreightWaves

Brush fires close stretch of Interstate 80 near Vallejo

Fast-moving brush fires have closed portions of Interstate 80 in northern California, forcing evacuations in Contra Costa County and at the California

freight marketlogisticsnewsshippingtransportation
Source: FreightWaves

Reefer volumes trick while dry van treats

Chart of the Week: Reefer Outbound Tender Volume Index, Dry Van Tender Volume Index – USA SONAR: ROTVI.USA, VOTVI.USA It’s Halloween week, an

businesscargofreightfreight markettransportation
Source: FreightWaves

U.S. Commerce Department announces new anti-dumping investigation of Mexican steel rebar

The U.S. Department of Commerce has opened an inquiry into whether companies are circumventing anti-dumping and countervailing duty orders on steel re

Source: FreightWaves

Freight Futures daily curve: 10/24

Freight Futures market to watch today: Spot Regional Futures In another quiet trading session, the Trucking Freight Futures markets were relativel

freightfreight marketlogisticsmarketnewsprofessionalshipping
Source: FreightWaves

Slump persists for North American rail volumes

North American rail volumes are still slumping amid expectations that fourth-quarter rail traffic will remain subdued through the end of the year.

freightfreight marketlogisticsrailroadtransportation
Source: FreightWaves

Load volumes continue to decelerate into the peak holiday shopping season

This Week’s DHL Supply Chain/FreightWaves Pricing Power Index: 25 (Shippers) Last Week’s DHL Supply Chain/FreightWaves Pricing Power Index: 2

Source: FreightWaves

Debt-burdened HMM to issue $562.4 million convertible bond

South Korea-based ocean box shipping line Hyundai Merchant Marine (KRX: 011200) has revealed plans to issue a 660 billion Korean won (US$562.4 mil

Source: FreightWaves

U.S. workers ratify labor deal with Air Canada

Union members belonging to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters have ratified a new 10-year contract with Air Canada. The airline said it was

canadacargofreight marketinterestinglogisticstransportation
Source: FreightWaves

China continues seaport consolidation as Dalian offer goes unconditional

Broadford Global has made a mandatory unconditional offer for all the H shares in the dual-listed Dalian Port Co. (HKEX: 2880 and SSE: 601880) of

cargochinafreight marketocean cargoshippingtransportation
Source: FreightWaves

Intermodal drayage companies must embrace technology or die

The transportation and logistics industry is in the midst of a technological awakening. Customer expectations are following suit. It is no longer enou

Source: FreightWaves

Canadian Pacific reports record-low operating ratio

Despite relatively flat net profits, Canadian Pacific (NYSE: CP) reached a record-low quarterly operating ratio (OR) of 56.1% and earned record rev

canadafreight marketlogisticsnewsrailroadshippingtransportation
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Canadian National sees third-quarter profit amid headwinds

Despite a lower operating ratio and higher revenue and net profits in the third quarter, Canadian National Railway (NYSE: CNI) said it plans to low

canadafinancialfreight marketlogisticsrailroadshipping
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Covenant blames weak freight environment for drop in revenue and net income in 3Q

Covenant Transportation Group Inc. (NASDAQ: CVTI) reported a net loss of $3.2 million, or an earnings loss of 17 cents per share in the third quarter

freight marketmarketshippingtechnologytransportationtrucking
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Railroads face major challenges to jump-start their intermodal business

Not all that long ago, say 2015 to 2017, it was the best of times for the railroads’ intermodal business. These times are not like those times. T

automotivecargofreightfreight marketrailroadtransportation
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California releases nation’s first electric truck manufacturing standard

Raising the stakes on its green trucking agenda, California’s Air Resources Board (CARB) released an ambitious new zero-emissions truck manufactur

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Socializing the autonomous robot

The University of Pittsburgh’s decision to pause testing of Starship Technologies’ food delivery robots yesterday highlights concerns over the s

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Improved ocean freight results boost Maersk’s 2019 outlook

In a rare bit of good news for container shipping, Maersk said full-year operating earnings will come in better than originally forecast. The world

businessfinancialfreightfreight markettransportation
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Commentary: Will auto companies bring blockchain into real-world supply chains first?

At The New York Supply Chain Meetup we have held several events focused on supply chain and blockchain. During each of those events we have tried to f

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Wing teams up with FedEx, Walgreen for milestone drone delivery

FedEx Express [NYSE: FDX] on Friday used an unmanned aerial vehicle instead of a truck for last-mile residential deliveries on behalf of pharmacy reta

freightfreight marketinterestingshippingtransportationusa
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Commentary: Fresh opportunities bring new entrants into asset-based trucking

An interesting trend is happening in the US trucking market. On the heels of some of the best years in the industry’s history, investors and operato

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How warehouses keep up with e-commerce growth

More warehouse operators are following Amazon’s lead (NASDAQ: AMZN) and pricing warehouse space by the cubic foot; proximity to labor has become jus

businesscargofreightfreight marketinterestinglogisticsmarketnews
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No hydrogen subsidy, no problem

If fuel cell suppliers and other industry players are worried about China’s announcement that the government is ending subsidies for hydrogen vehicl

financialfreight marketmarketnewstechnologytransportationtruckingtrucks
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Peak retail season looks awfully ‘flat’

Chart of the Week: U.S. Customs Import Shipments – Retail, Freightos Baltic Exchange Rate Index – China to North American West Coast SONAR: CSTM

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Borderlands: International trucking expo showcases Mexico; Guadalajara firm purchases 50 Kenworth trucks

Borderlands is a weekly rundown of developments in the world of United States-Mexico cross-border trucking and trade. This week: Transport Expo show

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Maple Leaf Motoring: Carbon tax appears safe in Canada’s photo-finish election

Maple Leaf Motoring is a weekly rundown of developments in the world of Canadian transportation. This week: why the carbon tax will likely survive th

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Freight Futures daily curve: 10/16

The Trucking Freight Futures markets continue to be mired in a period of very little volatility and are searching for an overall catalyst. The spot Na

daily cruvefreight futures
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The practicality behind retaining warehousing workforce in a tight labor market

At the 3PL & Supply Chain Summit in Brussels, Sander Breugelmans, vice president at logistics real estate major Prologis, spoke on the need for

inventorylabor marketstoragewarehouse
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Dry bulk markets are strengthening, says Pacific Basin

A rise in demand from higher commodity volumes and a reduction in supply owing to IMO 2020 low sulfur fuel regulations are giving a boost to the int

dry bulkfreight ratesfuturemarket
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Commentary: Short line railroads – custom high-growth freight service

Railroad business news seems to be all about the benefits of Precision Scheduled Railroading (PSR). That’s the name of a cost minimization business

rail freightrailroadstransportation
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Smallest carriers report surging ELD compliance as December deadline looms

The percentage of carriers still running automatic onboard recording devices (AOBRDs) has dropped to 3%, according to a FreightWaves survey conducted

carriersstatisticstruckingtrucking industry
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Regulations prompt freight rail sector to address cybersecurity

As freight railroads move to digitize their processes, rail companies are also looking into safeguarding their systems against hacking and other malic

freight rail sectorrailroadtechnology
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Today’s pickup: Saudi Arabia looks to become a more than one trick pony; China logistics activity rebounds

Good day, Saudi Arabia has launched a logistics zone in the port city of Jeddah as part of an initiative to diversify its economy from oil. Reuters

financialfreightfreight marketfuturelogisticsshippingtransportation
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Cass says data continues to point toward economic contraction

Freight shipments and expenditures declined on a year-over-year basis again in September according to the latest Cass Freight Index Report. Accordi

freight marketlogisticsshippingtransporttransportation
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Commentary: The tides of unionization and container port automation

Automation tends to make some people nervous. Ever since the invention of the steam engine, common carriage has since been expected to become ever fas

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Logistics Managers’ Index supportive of truck capacity correction, disappoints on inventory build ahead of peak

The Logistics Managers’ Index (LMI) remained level at 56.6% for September, tied with August for the second-lowest readings in the index’s history.

businessfreightfreight marketlogisticsmarketnewsprofessionalshippingtransportation
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EXCLUSIVE: Ocean carriers miss out on US$110 with each box shipped

Maritime carriers are leaving up to US$110 on the table every time they carry a box, according to research from startup MizzenIT. And that means ocea

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“Nuclear verdict” kills 540 truck carrier

Country Wide RV Transport (CWRV), the nation’s second largest RV and motor-home transportation provider, is shutting down for good, according to i

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FreightWaves oil report: why the oil market didn’t particularly care about the Iranian tanker incident

The monthly report of the International Energy Agency (IEA) released Friday encapsulated why in the current market, you could have something like a po

businessfinancialfreight marketlogisticsoiloil reportprofessionaltransportationusa
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Freight volumes fall to new heights

Chart of the Week: Outbound Tender Volume Index – USA – Seasonality view SONAR: OTVI.USA The start of any quarter in the transportation world

financialfreight marketlogisticsmarketnewstransportationtruckersusa
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Commentary: Are brokers gouging carriers?

Noel Perry heads Transport Futures in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. In addition, he heads Transportation Economics, a consulting company focused on strate

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Trucking industry ranks fifth among businesses for cyber threats

The trucking industry and its supply chain rank fifth among all businesses at risk of cybersecurity attacks as the number of possible threats against

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Alcohol beverage importers want second round of CBMA

A program that lowers the excise tax on qualified domestic producers and importers of beer, wine and spirits is winding down at the end of the year an

businesscargofreight marketlogisticsmarketnews
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Freight Futures daily curve: 10/10

Freight Futures lanes to watch today: Eastern Region The spot National futures contract (FUT.VNU201910) settled fractionally higher by 0.1% to $1.

freight marketmarketnewsshippingtechnologytradetransportation
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Shippers remain in control of pricing power as carrier sentiment rebounds

This Week’s Pricing Power Index: 30 (Shippers) Last Week’s Pricing Power Index: 30 (Shippers) Three-Month Pricing Power Index Outlook: 50

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Ocean Rate Report: Tanker rates just soared past $150,000/day

Who can forget September 2008? Lehman’s demise, the bailout of AIG, the end-of-the-world buzz that suffused financial centers like Manhattan. That w

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Worldwide parcel volume to hit 200 billion by 2025: Pitney Bowes

Worldwide parcel deliveries will hit 200 billion a year by 2025, more than doubling 2018 totals, with business-to- consumer (B2C) and business-to-busi

businessfreightfreight marketlogisticstransportation
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Vacuum cleaner mogul ditches electric car project

James Dyson, the British billionaire who revolutionized the vacuum cleaner, is abandoning his dream of building an electric car, according to an anno

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Commentary: What opportunities exist for tech startups in food supply chains?

Since writing about the challenges ahead for food supply chains, I have been thinking about how perishable foods and other items are transported from

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Shift to first

Jodie Teuton has served as chair of American Truck Dealers (ATD) since her election in March. “I’m the first woman to hold the position in th

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Week 40 picks up where third quarter left off

Carloads on the railroads remained under water in the first week of the fourth quarter 2019, which ended on October 5. Total traffic on U.S. railroads

cargocarrierfreightfreight marketlogisticsnewstransportationusa
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Choptank and Syfan: Trucker Tools improved visibility at an affordable cost

Two large freight brokerages reported that the implementation of Trucker Tools across their carrier networks improved visibility accuracy and reduced

advicecargofreightfreight marketlogisticstransportationtrucksusa
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Port Report: Port of Brunswick ready for ‘substantial new business’

Georgia Ports Authority executive director Griff Lynch says completion of a 40-acre dockside parcel dedicated to auto processing at the Port of Brun

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Federal Railroad Administration offering grants for passenger rail repairs

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) is seeking applications for a grant program aimed at making repairs on the rail networks for passenger and

freight marketlogisticsrailroadrailroadstransportation
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Carriers in Washington State look to block meal/rest break rules

The Washington Trucking Associations (WTA) wants the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to rule on whether federal law preempts the S

carrierdriversfreightfreight marketlogisticsmarkettransportation
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Neither rain nor sleet nor snow…

Seemingly every week an autonomous vehicle company announces a new pilot testing its technology  in real-world conditions. But for the most part, the

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Most new US crude now sold overseas – and share is growing

The fate of U.S. crude production is a big deal for the transportation industry, not just because it affects fuel costs, but because it’s such an im

financialfreightfreight marketlogisticstechnologytradetransportationusa
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Exposé of immigration scheme in Canadian trucking prompts warning from feds

The Canadian government said any employer found to break the rules of a temporary worker program would face “serious consequences” after an inves

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Intermodal freight continues shift to East Coast, benefiting trucking

Container volume growth on the East Coast of North America continues to outpace growth on the West Coast, despite longer ocean transit times and highe

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Manitoulin buys another U.S. freight-forwarder

Manitoulin Group, one of Canada’s largest transportation and logistics firms, has expanded its reach in the U.S. with Miami-based freight-forwarder

freightfreight marketjoblogisticsmarkettransportation
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Independent truckers speak out on National Mall

A.C. Daniel, an independent owner-operator who has been hauling freight for 45 years, had his best year ever last year – he logged 92,000 miles and

Source: FreightWaves

Manufacturing index signals slower freight market this winter

Chart of the Week: Rail Traffic – Cass Freight Index – Shipments, Institute of Supply Management – Purchasing Manager’s Index, Backlog of Ord

Source: FreightWaves

Box shipping faces $11 billion IMO 2020 bill

Container shipping lines will attempt to pass on extra fuel costs due to the introduction of low-sulfur IMO 2020 fuels next year. If shippers prove un

Source: FreightWaves

Greening the supply chain: more carrot, less stick

From blockchain to 3D printing, new technologies have the potential to green the supply chain across industry sectors, and government can accelerate t

businesscarrierfreight marketlogisticssupply chaintechnologytransport
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Why is Europe so absurdly backward compared to the U.S. in rail freight transport

Over the last couple of months, major container lines and alliance carriers have been blanking several of their headhauls from Asia to Europe, citing

automationfreight marketindustrymarketrailroadusa
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FreightWaves oil report: physical diesel markets strengthen; IMO 2020 link eyed

If oil prices are going to start moving in reaction to IMO 2020, the last two weeks may have been the time with the first signs of that occurring.

logisticsmarketnewsoiloil reporttechnologytransportation
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Port Report: break bulk’s existential angst

What is break bulk cargo, exactly? It’s very hard to define but, as a famous quote says, “we know it when we see it.” Expert views differ on

freightfreight marketfuturereporttechnologytransporttransportationtruckersusa
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Norfolk Southern rail bridge collapses in Missouri flooding

A railroad bridge used by Norfolk Southern (NYSE: NSC) has collapsed into the Grand River in Missouri. Jeff Nail@jeffnail2

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Using technology to tame Fluctuating container rates

A computer platform “where shipping lines and their customers can negotiate forward contracts could help improve vessel utilization levels and reduc

Source: FreightWaves

Autonomous trucks reach a new milestone (with video)

(Photo credit: Dean Croke/FreightWaves) Recently I had the opportunity to test-drive Covenant Transport Group’s latest addition to its flee

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Trade uncertainty stunts Class 8 truck orders

Preliminary September orders for Class 8 trucks improved over August but remained stagnant as fleets delayed booking new equipment in the face of ongo

businesscargodriversfreightfreight marketfuturetransportationtruckingusa
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Expectations for peak trucking spot rates continue to moderate

Although national freight volumes are still trending positive at 6.16% growth year-over-year (OTVIY.USA), in absolute terms volumes are stagnating. La

cargocarrierdriversfreightfreight marketnewsshippingtransportationtrucktruckerstruckingtrucksusa
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Ocean Rate Report: Sanctions still stoking supertankers

Four of the most ominous words in finance are: “This time it’s different.” It is different sometimes. It’s just that it’s different far less

container shippingmaritimeocean cargoocean containersreportshippingtransport
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Some small carriers still clinging to old telematics devices into fourth quarter

Only 5% of carriers are still using automatic onboard recording devices (AOBRDs), according to a FreightWaves survey conducted in conjunction with ER

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Shifting freight demand from truck to rail will improve air quality, study finds

Unlike human-caused climate change, which has been subject to intensely polarized perspectives, studies have been very conclusive on the effect of air

airfreightfreight marketrailroadstechnologytransportationtruckingtrucks
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Third quarter carload declines worst yet in 2019

Rail volumes continued their declines in the latest week according to the Association of American Railroads (AAR). Week 39 of 2019 was no better t

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Canadian National truckers ratify new contract

Drivers for Canadian National’s (NYSE:CNI) trucking subsidiary, CNTL, ratified a four-year contract that increases rates for wait time and mileage

Source: FreightWaves

Food-as-software will make a chunk of ag-sector trucking obsolete

Growing investment and consumer interest in laboratory-grown meat will change the dynamics of the meat industry, said RethinkX in its food and agricu

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Service contract filings a ‘vestige of an old regulatory regime’

The World Shipping Council (WSC) has expressed disappointment in a recent decision by the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) to reject a porti

cargointernational freightmaritimeshippingtransport
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Canada’s economy takes a breather, but don’t call it a slowdown

Canada’s transportation and warehousing sector contracted slightly in July as economic growth paused on weakness from the energy sector. Transpor

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World trade forecast gets haircut for 2019 and 2020 from WTO

The World Trade Organization (WTO) cut its 2019 forecast for trade growth in half due to slower global economic growth and ongoing political issues of

international tradenewstradetransportationtrucktruckerstruckingtrucksusawto
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Less-than-truckload volumes to be pressured by weak September ISM data

Most less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier executives have already written off the balance of 2019 as far as tonnage growth is concerned. Judging by the w

Source: FreightWaves

More states and groups voice opinions about Washington state’s crude-by-rail law

Ten states are lending their support to North Dakota and Montana and have asked the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) to stop Washington state

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Today’s pick-up: A nickel for your thoughts; car-haulers cry the capacity-shortage blues

Good day, Electric vehicle (EV) supply could be hampered by a shortage of nickel sulfate, a key ingredient in the manufacture of EV batteries, acco

car haulerscargofreightshippingtradetransport
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Know before you go: The impact of seeing wait times before accepting loads

It is hard to run a trucking company in 2019. Over 600 companies have shut their doors this year, and plenty of others are struggling just to stay o

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Roadrunner downsizes dry van business, announces closures of five terminals, mass layoffs at five other locations

This story has been updated to include a statement by Shannon Everett, president of Rich Logistics, as well as a press release issued by Roadrunner, R

dry vanfreightlogisticsscandalshipping
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Competition watchdog growls at world’s biggest coal port

Rod Sims, the chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, has barked at the many monopolists inhabiting Australia, including the

Source: FreightWaves

FreightWaves oil report: tough times out in the oil patch

A weekly look at what occurred in the oil markets of the U.S. and the world this past week and what’s ahead.  The Dallas Federal Reserve Board

oiloil report
Source: FreightWaves

Analysts more bullish on TLs, valuation a key reason

The bulls are coming out in support of truckload (TL) carriers, kind of. Several equity analysts are using a recent positive inflection in TL volumes,

Source: FreightWaves

Rail volumes decline as trucking recovers

Chart of the Week: Rail Traffic – Intermodal Containers, Trailer-on-Flatcar, Outbound Tender Volume Index – USA SONAR: RTOIC.USA, RTOIT.USA, OTV

Source: FreightWaves

10 lessons from 10 years on the road

FreightWaves’ vision of bringing transparency by being the leading provider of market intelligence to the global freight industry touches on nearly

Source: FreightWaves

Used truck prices drop for first time since January 2018

The final average price of total used Class 8 trucks in August fell 1 percent year over year, the first price decline since January 2018, according to

Source: FreightWaves

E-Scooters: the bull and the bear

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a popular consumer product does not always make a great investment. The e-scooter craze is a recent exampl

Source: FreightWaves

New truck orders running below replacement demand should boost carrier profits in 2020

The Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate (SAAR) for new Class 8 truck orders in 2019 is trending at approximately 150,000. Note that this number includes

Source: FreightWaves

Number of women behind the wheel soars year-over-year

Women now make up over 10 percent of over-the-road (OTR) truck drivers, an increase of almost 30 percent over the 7.89 percent seen in the Women in Tr

Source: FreightWaves

Log-haulers protest devastation to British Columbia forestry industry

A convoy of about 200 logging trucks trekked to Vancouver to draw attention to the downturn that has devastated British Columbia’s forestry industry

Source: FreightWaves

Alternatives to diesel in long-haul trucks still face big challenges: report

The path to alternative technologies displacing diesel in long-haul tractors remains a very long slog, according to a recent report by S&P Global

Source: FreightWaves

In California, diesel emissions bills sprout and multiply

Still reeling from a new labor law that could reshape the way the trucking industry does business, carriers operating in California now have a pair

Source: FreightWaves

Canadian railroads see bevy of opportunity amid slowing demand

Canadian class I railroads were on hand to discuss the outlook for the industry in separate presentations at the CIBC 18th Annual Eastern Institutiona

Source: FreightWaves

Shipping must accelerate carbon cuts, coalition tells UN

As the shipping industry prepares for the ground-breaking but costly introduction of IMO 2020 low-sulfur fuels by the start of next year, some leadi

environmentocean cargoshipingtransportation
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Why some freight brokers are jumping into private digital marketplaces

Today the freight landscape is inundated with technology startups that look to create digital marketplaces that connect shippers directly to carriers,

freight brokertechnology
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How wind power could benefit rail shipping

The link between wind power and rail shipping is difficult to identify. Yet one company in Adelaide, Australia, developed a technology for wind turbi

futurerail shippingrailroadtransportationwind power
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Freight Futures daily curve: 9/24

The Trucking Freight Futures markets began this week where they left off last week, with the National average dragged lower by falling prices in the E

daily curvefreight futuresfuturemarket
Source: FreightWaves

Seeking transformation, not disruption

Lower barriers to entry have flooded the freight-tech space with software startups catering to individuals and businesses across the supply chain —

freight techtechnologtransportationtruckerstrucks
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Diesel and Detroit disruptions hit trucking hard and fast

Chart of the Week: Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Rack Price – USA, Outbound Tender Rejection Index – Detroit (SONAR: ULSDR.USA, OTRI.DTW) Like an e

Source: FreightWaves

Flooding, road closures continue in southeastern Texas

Troubles ongoing in Houston, Beaumont Tropical Storm Imelda did a lot of damage to southeastern Texas last week, mostly in the form of major floodi

Source: FreightWaves

Freight Futures daily curve: 9/23

Freight Futures market to watch today: National long-haul van index The Trucking Freight Futures markets finished last week with three of the four

Source: FreightWaves

Federal safety agency issues air brake recommendations to freight railroads

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is asking U.S. freight railroads to review their air brake and train handling instructions for end-o

Source: FreightWaves

Why Freight Derivatives Are Here To Stay in the Trucking Industry

Disclaimer: FreightWaves, in collaboration with Nodal Exchange and DAT, launched the world’s first Trucking Freight Futures contracts in March 2019.

Source: FreightWaves

National freight volumes now positive for two straight months as 2018 comparisons ease

Outbound tender volumes (OTVI.USA) continued on their upward trajectory and extended their multi-week winning streak dating back to late July. OTVI fi

Source: FreightWaves

DOWN UNDER TRUCKING: injured truck driver wins US$1.15 million compensation

Truck driver Terry Damon will receive a total of A$1.7 million (US$1.15 million) of compensation from his employer, a shipper and a consignee, after t

Source: FreightWaves

Business heads see softening in capital spending, potentially a headwind for freight demand

A recent polling of business leaders regarding future plans for capital investment in their respective companies declined sequentially in the third qu

Source: FreightWaves

GM strike brings layoffs to truckers in Canada

A U.S. truckload carrier has temporarily laid off at least 40 drivers and five mechanics at its Canadian branch because of the strike by auto workers

Source: FreightWaves

Trucking coalition urges lawmakers to fight costly unfunded mandates

A coalition of 31 trucking and trade groups is urging Congress to halt four bills it claims would cost the industry billions of dollars in “burdenso

Source: FreightWaves

Project44 unveils new truckload tendering technology

Chicago-based visibility solutions provider project44 announced that a new truckload (TL) tendering capability was added to its Advanced Visibility

Source: FreightNews

Moving forward, we will be building vehicles on top of computers

Truck manufacturers are pushing full steam ahead into connected vehicle platforms, using telematics and data integration to drive value for customers

Source: FreightWaves

Small carriers expanding fleets as large carriers reduce tractor counts

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Association (FMCSA) data, carriers who operate smaller fleet sizes of one to six trucks continue to add power t

Source: freightwaves

Struggling used truck market dips for 10th consecutive month

Preliminary used Class 8 truck sales fell 25% in August compared with the same month in a booming 2018 and are running 18% lower year to date, accordi

Source: freightwaves

Oil on Monday closed nearer to day’s highs than its lows; ULSD remains the laggard

Oil markets completed their first full day of trading following the drone attacks on Saudi processing facilities, with the global crude Brent benchmar

Source: FreightWaves

Trucking utilization improves while prices remain suppressed

Like a heartbeat on an echo-cardiogram after a flat-line, trucking has found a pulse. After months of under-performance compared to 2018, volumes fina

Source: freightwaves

Truckers: Fill up your tank ASAP. Diesel could surge $.60 per gallon this week

Diesel prices could spike by over 20% overnight due to the market coming to grips with the biggest blackswan event to hit oil in over a decade. On Fri

Source: FreightWaves

‘When rates really suck and drivers take it on the chin’

A conversation about the future of autonomous trucking with pro-labor author and sociologist Steve Viscelli. Steve Viscelli doesn’t think of himsel

Source: FreightWaves

Surface Transportation Board: 3 Class I railroads have sufficient returns for capital improvements

The Surface Transportation Board (STB) has determined that CSX (NYSE: CSX), Union Pacific (NYSE: UNP) and the U.S. operations of Canadian Paci

Source: FreightWaves

Blockchain-based platform now enables transparency across trash logistics

Digital logistics company Marine Transport International (MTI) has announced that it has developed a blockchain-based tool called Traca in collabora

Source: FreightWaves

Operators demand special economic status for UK ports and airports

A new coalition of ports and airports has called on the U.K. government to grant many transport hubs special economic status in a bid to stimulate int

Source: FreightWaves

Danger zone for brokers: Paper-spot rate spread cut in half this summer

The spread between most freight brokers’ cost and what they charge to customers has significantly narrowed, potentially compressing gross margins as

brokersfreight agents
Source: FreightWaves

Getting the right specs for driver comfort

Whether you are buying, leasing or financing a new or used Class 8 vehicle, it is vital to understand all options and factors that go into ensuring th

Source: FreightWaves

Container inspections reveal misdeclared cargo, poor stowage

Inspections of ocean shipping containers conducted by the U.S.-based National Cargo Bureau discovered a shocking number of containers with misdeclar

cargocontainerinspectionocean shipping
Source: FreightWaves

Hurdles persist to hedging IMO 2020 fuel fallout

The looming IMO 2020 rule is predicted to hike transportation fuel costs across the board, begging the question: With just four months left until the

costsfuelimo 2020ruletransportation
Source: FreightWaves

Shipping industry will review FMC’s container availability recommendations

The U.S. container shipping industry is eager to weigh in on recommendations produced and approved by the Federal Maritime Commission that promise to

Source: FreightWaves

Trucking utilization improves while prices remain suppressed

Like a heartbeat on an echo-cardiogram after a flat-line, trucking has found a pulse. After months of under-performance compared to 2018, volumes fina

Source: FreightWaves

FreightWaves oil report: signs of IMO 2020 in physical markets are tough to find

A weekly look at what occurred in the oil markets of the U.S. and the world this past week and what’s ahead. If you’re concerned you’ve misse

futureimo 2020marketoil report
Source: FreightWaves

Port Report: Are Europe’s box ports gaining from the US-China trade war?

Healthy container port throughput growth suggests Europe is – so far at least – avoiding the worst effects of the U.S.-China trade war. As repo

internationalinternational tradetradetransportation
Source: FreightWaves

Record $148 million heroin bust made at UK port

Does container shipping have a drug problem? After a string of busts in the U.S. in recent months, attention has now switched to the U.K., where autho

Source: FreightWaves

Target tells suppliers to eat higher tariff-related costs

Retail giant Target Corp. (NYSE:TGT) has sent a blunt message to its suppliers – don’t think of passing on higher tariff-related costs to us. I

Source: FreightWaves

Washington Supreme Court upholds wage averaging in trucking industry

The Washington State Supreme Court issued a decision September 5 stating that trucking companies are not obligated to pay drivers separately for “n

Source: FreightWaves

U.S. railroads could face billions in losses as coal demand slumps

The systemic decline in U.S. coal production could cost U.S. freight railroads as much as $5 billion, according to a report produced by market ratings

Source: FreightWaves

FreightFriend introduces new carrier search feature

Finding reliable, trustworthy transportation partners is a challenge for shippers, brokers, and 3PLs in today’s logistics industry. Search tools cur

Source: FreightWaves

Freight Futures daily curve: 9/5

Freight Futures lane to watch today: East Regional Forward Curve Trucking Freight Futures finished a relatively quiet day with the 11 markets unch

Source: FreightWaves

Class 8 truck orders down nearly 80 percent over August 2018

Preliminary orders for Class 8 trucks fell about 80 percent compared with August 2018’s record orders. All eyes are on the fall months to see how so

Source: FreightWaves

BOLT System’s freight-tracking app attracts ELD and non-ELD users

In May, fleet management software company BOLT System responded to the demand for increased delivery efficiency by creating its app, Tandem Workflow.

Source: FreighWaves

Today’s pickup: port markets leading the way

Good day, As we move into the final month of the third quarter, the nation’s ports have turned on. Coastal freight markets like Los Angeles, Sava

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Ocean Rate Report: ‘Sizzling’ bulkers hit near nine-year high

You wouldn’t know it from the performance of dry bulk stocks, but bulk shipping rates are on fire and reaching new heights well beyond levels seen

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Economic sluggishness pulls U.S. rail volumes lower

U.S. rail volumes fell 5 percent in August amid weaker demand for rail services in the domestic manufacturing sector. U.S. freight railroads origin

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FMCSA extending drug clearinghouse deadline for state agencies

State driver licensing agencies (SDLAs) will have three additional years to comply with federal drug and alcohol clearinghouse requirements if a propo

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Lack of railcar demand in spotlight at investor conference

With rail traffic lower year-over-year and precision scheduled railroading (PSR) initiatives in full swing at the Class I railroads, it’s understand

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Railroads see headwinds cutting volumes for rest of 2019

Loose truck capacity, trade uncertainty and lower coal demand are among the headwinds that some Class I railroads are seeing for the remainder of 2019

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Maritime regulators to weigh opposing views on port automation

The agency responsible for the health of the U.S. maritime sector will be considering the role that labor and politics play in automating port operati

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Detention time rising as drivers wait longer to load and unload

Longer waits to load and unload freight continue to vex truckers, especially women drivers less likely to complain about being kept waiting, according

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Freight Futures daily curve: 9/4

With Dorian’s outer bands now lashing Florida as a Category 2 hurricane and its potential for landfall along the US Southeast coast still uncertain,

environmentfreight futuresfuturemarket
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Dry bulk rates are far outpacing earnings and shares

In ocean shipping, there’s an inherent lag between when charter rates recover and when they’re reflected in earnings. Such lags are not unusual. I

cargofreightocean shippingtransportation
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Commentary: Cross-border cargo insurance is a great challenge for North American competitiveness

One of the main objectives of the new trade agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada (USMCA) is to facilitate trade in North America and

cargocompetitioninternational tradenorth americatransportation
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Maintenance 201: Being proactive about vehicle maintenance

One essential element to securing your truck’s lifespan is through what many call preventive maintenance (PM). J.J. Keller & Associates, a ma

truck maintenancetruckerstrucks
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Today’s Pickup: Air cargo volumes still trending down, but maybe stabilizing

At least for July, air cargo volume declines seem to have stabilized. According to WorldACD market data, air cargo chargeable weight in July fell 4.2

air cargofuturetransportation
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TruckIT brings visibility to the trucking marketplace

The freight hauling landscape has witnessed the proliferation of technology in recent times. Most of it has been targeted at improving operations with

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Intelligent Cargo Systems helps ships improve efficiency of port calls

For container lines, one of the primary concerns while hauling is getting the timing right in the context of port calls, which involves the crew to st

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How shippers can use a TMS to monitor carriers, boost freight efficiency

The introduction of mandated electronic logging devices (ELDs) in recent years has put a spotlight on driver hours of service (HOS) issues. Prior to E

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Auto manufacturers invest in a carless future

Consider the following situation – the closest parking spot to the concert amphitheater is a mile-long walk. Instead of circling the block, wasting

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Port Report: Ocean shipping rates reflecting September optimism

Forwarders and ocean carriers are betting a major holiday in Asia and seasonal inventory building at U.S. retailers will provide a boost to container

cargoocean shippingporttransportation
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Waiting to get rid of old telematics devices could cost carriers big

Despite urging from regulators to switch to electronic logging devices (ELDs) well ahead of the December deadline, as many as 20 percent of regional c

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Truck Maintenance 101: Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape

One of the most important things to know when purchasing a Class 8 vehicle is that the initial price is just a fraction of the total cost of ownership

driverstruck maintenancetruckerstrucks
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Commentary: What’s a rail freight KPI, and why care?

Hypothesis – to improve customer service and logistics confidence, key performance indicators, or KPIs, will eventually displace a railroad’s oper

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Freight Futures daily curve: 9/3

Friday marked the last trading day of the August futures contracts and the start of September as the spot month. This is known as the spot month “co

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East Coast freight markets distorted by Dorian response

The response to the threat posed by Hurricane Dorian to the southeast coast of the United States has soaked up trucking capacity and affected spot rat

environmentfreight marketfuture
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Trans-border truck freight along the U.S.-Mexico border was down 1 percent in June

Cross-border truck freight with Mexico dipped 1 percent in June, compared to the same period in 2018, according to recent data from the U.S. Departmen

freightinternational tradetransportationtrucking
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Soybean and cattle farming to blame for Amazon rainforest fires

The United States is in a trade war with China, which began with tariffs that drove China to retaliate. The U.S. and China attempted to come to a trad

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The for-hire trucking market does not have a driver shortage problem

The industry driver shortage narrative is helping to destroy the truckload market’s economics by attracting more drivers and fleets to our industry.

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Shippers brace for sharp rise in ocean fuel costs as IMO 2020 looms

Container shipping bunker adjustment factors (BAFs) will rocket later this year as the deadline for the mandatory use of new low-sulfur fuels across t

container shippingfuturemarket
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Commerce stresses due diligence with exports to Pakistan

The U.S. Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) has published “due diligence” guidance urging companies to use extra care

import/exportinternational trade
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Demand dips for dry van, and prices follow

With the threat of new tariffs on Chinese imports, there was uncertainty over how truckload markets will react heading into August. So far, there has

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Revenues retreat for freight brokers in Q2 compared to 2018

During the second quarter of 2019, freight brokers enjoyed their highest margins in two years. That extra margin helped offset a decline in load count

freight brokermarkettransportation
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Want to grow your brokerage? Dare to differ

You want to grow your freight brokerage, but what’s the best way to go about it? There are a lot of different strategies for expanding your business

brokeragefreight broker
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The fallout from container port automation

Automation and “digitization” of container terminals can lead to job losses and reduced tax revenue that have a substantial effect on local econom

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Maritime History Notes: The father of integrated shipping

If Sea-Land founder Malcom McLean is recognized as the “father of container shipping,” then surely Charles Morgan should be deemed the “father o

container shippinghistoryocean freight
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Seattle’s economic strength buoys regional drayage carriers

Drayage trucking in the U.S. Pacific Northwest is seeing healthy demand thanks to the region’s strong economy drawing in more container imports. But

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Mixed reality might be the edge that the logistics industry lacked all these years

Ground-level workers within the logistics realm often find themselves in a position where physical handling of packages is inevitable – be it in war

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The great opportunity that comes with your data

Data is everywhere, and fleet operations are benefiting from that data in terms of efficiency. But there is an additional upside to data, and it means

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Ecommerce delivery does not increase carbon emissions, but weekly supermarket runs do

Over the last decade, much has changed in the context of last-mile delivery, prodded on by the rise of ecommerce and the evolution of consumer expecta

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Impatient customers? Paying nothing for something? Heavy goods shippers face same e-commerce delivery pressures as smaller stuff

Think those who order heavy goods such as furniture online don’t have the same fulfillment and delivery demands as those ordering smaller items that

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Big ocean ships equal big problems but small benefits

Ocean carriers are deploying ever-larger box ships to drive down slot costs and emissions per unit. But they are sacrificing their own flexibility and

ocean freighttransportation
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Human touch: Truck shows give freight tech chance to connect with carriers face-to-face

Uber Freight, a division of Uber Technologies (NYSE: UBER), works to streamline the entire freight-booking process and increase access for small carri

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Freight Futures daily curve: 8/30

The attention of the Trucking Freight Futures market is squarely on Hurricane Dorian and what it could mean to not only September rates but to rates t

freight marketfuturetransportationweather
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Class 8 engine sizes shrink as emissions rule changes loom

The size of engines powering Class 8 tractors is expected to decrease as fleets seek to reduce fuel consumption and meet three rounds of strict federa

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FreightWaves oil report: U.S. output may have hit a new record even as companies stress discipline

A weekly look at what occurred in the oil markets of the U.S. and the world this past week and what’s ahead. The same week that a major Wall Stre

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Why 2019 has been the worst year for trucking operators

Like travelers walking through the desert that found an oasis, carriers found a wellspring of freight in 2017 and 2018 and expanded their operations.

freightfreight markettransportation
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Down Under Trucking: a submerged stinky truck and a call for humane treatment of truckers

A sewage truck met a watery end in New South Wales; regulators in NSW have created improved port access for trucks; National Transport Commission over

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Florida ports to close as Hurricane Dorian approaches

The latest forecasts are predicting that Hurricane Dorian will remain offshore as it passes by the U.S. mainland early next week. This is more optimis

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Shipping wind turbines is not a breeze

You’d think motorists driving down the highway would be able to see an oversize flatbed trailer carrying a massive 240-foot wind turbine blade. Y

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Logistics businesses: adopt technology or revenue will slide

Global auditing firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) released a report on trends that define the transportation and logistics (T&L) segment for th

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Commentary: Is intermodal rail stalling?

As a transportation mode choice, where is intermodal rail heading? Author’s note – this is not a financial analysis to help determine whether t

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The costs of Bernie Sanders’ “green deal”

2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders released details on his proposed $16.3 trillion Green New Dealon August 22. This deal would cover a range

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344-unit truckload carrier suddenly shuts down, latest in string of failures (with video)

Editor’s note: This story was updated to reflect that the company’s CEO says he is working to bring drivers home. HVH

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Carriers turn to automation for competitive edge when hiring drivers

Recruiters say competition is fierce among trucking companies to find qualified truck drivers and it can be a race to see which company can successful

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The freight railway route from China to Europe is not generating business volume

The much popularized Chinese one belt one road (OBOR) strategy seems to have hiccups on its path, as evidenced from the statements made by the state-

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U.S. rail volumes continue their drop

The slump in year-to-date U.S. rail volumes dragged overall North American rail traffic lower last week, according to the latest data from the Associ

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Freight Futures daily curve: 8/28

Stability returned to the Trucking Freight Futures markets with very little movement in settlement prices across all 11 contract markets through the r

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Late summer van rates: Stable or stalled?

Last summer, the spot market didn't have enough trucks to meet the surge in demand, which gave rates a major boost. Now, we are seeing more traditiona

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How to spot good loads in bad markets

I have been a spot market pirate for almost nine years. As a pirate, you want to get in and get the good stuff. This means I use lots of tools to know

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How a 3PL managed one of the worst hurricane seasons

In a normal hurricane season, there would be about 13 named storms in the Atlantic Ocean from June through November. Around five of those might become

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Backhaul vs deadhead: What’s the tipping point?

When you can’t find a high-paying load, would you accept a low rate to avoid driving empty? I asked that question in a quick poll on the Rate Pe

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Has the Freight Recession ended?

After approximately nine months of flat or contracting volumes and rates, the freight market has started to change course. The national Outbound Tende

cargofreightfreight marketfuture
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Oil choice drives fuel savings for heavy-duty trucks

Whenever pollution regulations change for heavy trucks, lubricant makers head to the lab to figure out how to compensate for hotter-running engines an

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Envisioning last-mile logistics networks of the future

The much-acclaimed “Amazon Effect” combined with the rise of the on-demand gig economy is disrupting the way traditional last-mile delivery system

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Today’s pick-up: U.S. Navy goes to the cloud for logistics; NYC tries to get a grip on truck congestion

The U.S. Navy has taken a big step toward pushing all of its logistics data and analytics functions onto the cloud, setting the stage for the transiti

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Small carriers say they will push device compliance into fourth quarter

The number of carriers that report still using automatic onboard recording devices (AOBRDs) four months out from the government-mandated switch to ele

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How a global recession could impact ocean shipping

Signs of an impending global recession are piling up. The inverted U.S. Treasury yield curve. Dangerously high debt. Industrial slowdowns. Volatile s

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North American rail volumes slip over 2 percent

Year-to-date North American rail volumes continued their downward trend for the week ending August 17, according to data from the Association of Amer

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Truckers and customs brokers are seeing “red” as border wait times increase

Truck wait times at ports of entry along the United States-Mexico border are up, from El Paso, Texas, to Otay Mesa, California. Industry profession

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Freight tonnage will grow 25.6 percent by 2030, ATA projects

Freight tonnage will grow 25.6 percent by the end of the next decade, the American Trucking Associations (ATA) predicts in its annual ATA Freight Tran

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Tightened credit standards: a worrying sign for the trucking industry?

The freight industry experienced continuously loosened credit standards over the last five years, but the rising concerns of an economic downturn are

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Time for brokers to turn the tables on shippers?

With truckload volumes accelerating and spot rates across the country holding steady, freight brokers are wondering how to talk to their customers abo

brokersfreight agentfreight markettransortation
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Transports sag on trade banter, increased tariffs will not help

Not Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s early trading session policy comments and not China’s retaliatory tariffs announced just hours before

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Mexico exports of commercial trucks to U.S. jumps 30 percent in first quarter

Mexico manufactured 104,214 buses, heavy-duty and tractor-trailer trucks in the first half of 2019 (January-June), up 36.50 percent compared to the sa

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Has the Freight Recession ended?

Chart of the Week: Outbound Tender Volume Index — USA (SONAR: OTVI.USA) After approximately nine months of flat or contracting volumes and rate

freightfreight market
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Bernie Sanders’ green deal – $216 billion for electric trucks

Bernie Sanders wants to spend $216 billion to replace all long-haul diesel trucks with fast-charging electric trucks if he is elected president in 202

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Product-tanker shipping’s long and winding road

Executives and analysts have been calling the products tanker recovery for years. They’ve been wrong for years. This time, it’s finally happening,

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New Report Points to Ways Truck Companies Can Operate Safer

A study that focused on nine motor carriers’ efforts to improve the safety of their operations found that a company’s overall safety culture — f

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Oculus gets capital infusion to grow oilfield transport business

Canadian firm secured C$45 million loan from U.S. commercial financer Great Rock Capital to expand operations. Oculus Transport, a western Canadian o

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Company opens two truck parking lots near Chicago

The Truck Parking Near Me company has opened two parking facilities for commercial trucks in Gary, Indiana, and Bellwood, Illinois, both in the

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ZIM turns a profit in second quarter

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services reported a net profit in the second quarter of 2019 of $5.1 million, compared to a $33.2 million net loss in the seco

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Trucking fleets need introspection and technology to stay ahead in the market

Over the last year, there has been a visible increase in the number of trucking fleets shutting down, owing in part to the sliding spot market prices

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California bill on independent contractors likely to pass without any carve-out for truckers

If the California Senate approves the legislation codifying the provisions of the Dynamex decision regarding the classification of independent contrac

driver issuesshippingtrucktrucking
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Weekly Fuel Report

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Heniff, Superior Bulk Logistics and Freymiller hit the auction block

Three major trucking carriers are looking to sell, sources in the investment banking and mergers and acquisitions advisory world have told FreightWave

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UPS Invests in TuSimple to Pursue Self-Driving Trucks

UPS Inc. announced its venture capital arm, UPS Ventures, has made a minority investment in autonomous driving company TuSimple to test self-driving t

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Diesel Falls 1.7¢ to $2.994 in Sixth Consecutive Decline

The U.S. average retail price of diesel dropped 1.7 cents to $2.994 a gallon, the Department of Energy reported Aug.19. Crude oil prices lifted modera

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Uber Freight goes after larger fleets with dispatcher portal

Digital freight brokerage Uber Freight, a division of Uber Technologies (NYSE: UBER), on August 19 announced the launch of a web-based desktop portal

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Delta, Virgin Atlantic to expand cargo network between U.S. and U.K.

Companies moving goods between the U.S. and the U.K. will soon see more options open up. Delta Airlines (NYSE: DAL) and Virgin Atlantic are both incre

cargoimport/exportinternational tradetransportation
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How Uber Freight helps Argo Fine Imports focus on customer service

Argo Fine Imports, founded by Don MacMaster in 1993, is an importer of fine plywoods from premium mills around the world. With decades of experience,

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FMCSA proposes hours-of-service changes; estimates $274 million savings for economy

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has proposed major changes to the trucking hours-of-service (HOS) regulations, which if implem

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DOWN UNDER TRUCKING: police criticize two truckers killed in double head-on crash

In Australia this last week: Police criticized two truckers who died in very adverse visibility conditions; a serial trucking offender was hit with a

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How much are digital freight brokerages really worth? (with video)

If everything goes right, the market cap of all digital brokerages in the United States could total $30 billion in 10

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Cargo activity at several Texas airports showed significant increases for first half of 2019

Trade increases with Mexico, Chile, Germany, The Netherlands and England   In Texas, several major and regional airports posted large increas

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Air cargo markets continue to weaken in June

Air cargo markets weakened further in June, according to preliminary traffic data from the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA). Last month’s

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Slowing growth in U.S. crude production could hit tanker rates

When the U.S. lifted its crude oil export restrictions in December 2016, it completely changed the landscape for the global tanker industry, creating

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Former FreightWaves exec talks transparency, “third-wave” freight-tech and the value of empathy

Jenny Xu, former chief strategy officer at FreightWaves, has taken a position as chief executive of Carggo, a digital freight platform that serves s

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DOWN UNDER TRUCKING: Melbourne begins forcing trucks out of the inner city

A weekly round-up of events in Australia. This week: Melbourne forces trucks out of the inner city; cleaning up asbestos roads; obeying road signage f

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Trucking spot market underperforms expectations by 10% in June

FreightWaves’ SONAR chart of the week (July 21, 2019 – July 27, 2019) Chart of the Week: DAT US National Long Haul Van Freight Rate Index – U

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Pittsburgh inches closer to global relevance with Expo Freight commitment (with video)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is undergoing something of an economic renaissance, and a recent partnership between Sri Lank

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How trucks are becoming a solution, not a product


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eBay partners with third-party logistics on fulfillment

End-to-end fulfillment service provides opportunities for third-party logistics providers E-commerce retailer eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY) announced on July

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[Video included] Is the freight market starting to recover?

[Video included] Is the freight market starting to recover? In channel checks, earnings calls and market data, FreightWaves is starting to see green

freight marketfuture
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Trucker awarded for helping at rainy scene of serious accident

Trucker awarded for helping at rainy scene of serious accident Jim Higginbotham of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, was recently named a Highway Angel by the

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Small and mid-tier fleets leverage technology to level playing field

The excessive fragmentation within the trucking market has implications that run deep, with fleets of different sizes looking at issues related to tru

truck fleetstruck marketingtrucking
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How much are digital freight brokerages really worth? (with video)

If everything goes right, the market cap of all digital brokerages in the United States could total $30 billion in 10

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Could trucking lower operational costs by matching tractors to trailers?

With so many large fleets focused on drop-and-hook operations to maximize efficiency, there is little focus on matching tractors to trailers. But, a n

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Frac sand truckers can make good money doing a dangerous job

Frac sand truckers can make good money doing a dangerous job Long before sunrise, Molly Sizer starts her day in West Texas as a professional frac san

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Avoid potential hiccups by switching telematics devices before December deadline

Over 90 percent of carriers are already running electronic logging device (ELDs), but a small percentage of fleets continue to run automatic onboard r

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Technology tackles trucking's parking problem

Few issues get truckers more worked up than the lack of available truck parking. But this year there's actually some good news to report. Eight Mid

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Today’s Pickup: Self-driving truck now making deliveries in Dallas

Today’s Pickup: Self-driving truck now making deliveries in Dallas Good day, Kodiak Robotics is now making commercial deliveries in the Dallas,

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What are Trucking Freight Futures?

Trucking is undergoing a transformation, as new technologies, e-commerce, ELDs, and economic growth reshape the supply chain landscape and add volatil

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U.S. rail volumes slump in July

U.S. rail volumes slump in July U.S. rail traffic slipped over 5 percent in July amid declining rail volumes for coal, grain and intermodal. U.S.

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Commentary: Ag and livestock haulers seek regulatory concessions

It turns out that the fight over hours of service (HOS) regulations and electronic logging device (ELD) use is not over yet; at least for agricultural

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The pursuit of transparency across the freight industry through standardized indexes

The pursuit of transparency across the freight industry through standardized indexes The freight industry is one of the largest sectors in almost eve

freight futuresfreight indexindextechnologytechnology disruptiontruckingtrucking technology
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How to negotiate the best truckload rates

Worried that you aren't getting the best price when negotiating a rate on a load? DAT TruckersEdge has multiple tools to help ease the process. Wit

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Maritime agency wants feedback on U.S. port automation

The Trump Administration wants to support automation at U.S. ports and is looking for advice from the government and private sectors on how to do it.

Source: DAT

Flatbed prices step down from early July peak

Spot market flatbed rates normally peak in Q2, but this year they hit their high mark in early July. Since then, rates have sunk 3.5%. But like with d

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Watchdog agency clears EPA’s glider truck testing practices

Testing by federal regulators in 2017 that found air pollution from glider kits to be “many times” the level generated by new heavy-duty truck eng

Source: FreightWaves

Expeditors International navigates trade war, posts earnings beat

Expeditors International navigates trade war, posts earnings beat Expeditors International (NASDAQ: EXPD) reported its financial results for the seco

company earningsexpeditors internationalinternational freightocean containerssecond quartertariffs
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Commentary: Competition in e-commerce is heating up!

Some of the most attention-grabbing news in the world of freight and ecommerce recently have been the reports about Shopify’s decision to establish

Source: DAT

Top 10 markets for truckload freight in first half of 2019

Here's something that might surprise you: Spot market truckload volumes were 7% higher in the first six months of 2019 than they were in the first hal

Source: FreightWaves

Commentary: Looking ‘Back to the Future’ for perspectives on intermodal 2025+

The “Renaissance Period” for railway intermodal was the 2002-2006 time period. A number of railway freight records were broken. For example, 20

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PORT REPORT: Mega-study reveals Asia and China dominate the commercial maritime world

PORT REPORT: Mega-study reveals Asia and China dominate the commercial maritime world Ocean shippers, carriers and forwarders have long known it and

connectionconnectivitycontainercontainer tradesliner shipping connectivity indexocean shippingports
Source: DAT

How to find loads for box trucks, Sprinter and cargo vans

Looking for expedited loads? Need freight to fill your box truck or van? With DAT TruckersEdge, you can easily find brokers and shippers that need lo

Source: DAT

Reefer rates remain in flux

alifornia and Texas remain in flux with overall volumes roughly the same the last several weeks. Reefer produce failed to climb at the end of July,

Source: DAT

Van rates mostly stable in a mixed week

Truckload demand got a boost at the end of July, but that urgency slowed by the start of August. That led to a lot of mixed results on the spot market

Source: FreightWaves

Commentary: Truck drivers are aging… or are we entering a golden age in trucking?

Shifting paradigms Truck manufacturers are always seeking to influence truck buyers’ purchasing decisions and have historically used several fact

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Futures traders hedge L.A. to Seattle in uncertain rate environment

Futures traders hedge L.A. to Seattle in uncertain rate environment Yesterday, August 7, shortly before the Trucking Freight Futures market on the No

3plsi-5los angelesnodal exchangespot market volatilitytruckingtrucking freight futurestrucking spot rates
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Port Report: RoadOne sees uptick, but no boom in peak season

A quiet first-half at U.S. ports underscores the overall slowdown in the freight market. In the first six months of 2019, the four largest container p

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Natural gas truck sales surge even as electric trucks get the hype

While electric trucks get most of the hype for the future of trucking, cleaner-burning natural gas-powered Class 8 heavy-duty trucks sales are rising.

Source: FreightWaves

Too much traffic? Congestion pricing advocates have a solution

Too much traffic? Congestion pricing advocates have a solution Ask any trucker and they will tell you traffic is a way of life – not a happy way of

atricongestionlondonnational league of citiesnew york citytraffictruck drivers
Source: DAT

Volumes are up in 2019, but not rates. Here's why.

Although rates have dropped considerably from record levels in 2018, spot market freight volume — actual loads moved — was higher in the first

Source: DAT

Reefer activity shifts northward

Reefer demand trailed off in California and Texas last week, and the majority of high-traffic reefer lanes paid lower rates last week. But there were

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Trucking Stakeholders Ask Congress to Repeal the 12% Federal Excise Tax on Trucks, Trailers

A group of trucking stakeholders asked Congress to repeal the 12% federal excise tax on the purchase of heavy-duty trucks, tractors and trailers. I

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Lower truck and agricultural sales weigh on Cervus earnings miss

Lower truck and agricultural sales weigh on Cervus earnings miss Continued weakness from its Canadian Peterbilt dealerships adds to steep decline in

canadacervus equipmentcompany earningsontariopeterbilttruck dealershipstruck sales
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Shifting from the ocean to the sky: air carriers seek to lure away sea-freight

Aviation freight is experiencing a supply-demand imbalance. Soaring ocean costs because of IMO 2020 could make air freight look less expensive. And th

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Commentary: What’s in a railroad map?

Useful market hints suggesting changes to locations where you need freight service Changes are afoot. Precision Scheduled Railroa

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Will retail season deliver?

JP Hampstead here, filling in for Zach Strickland, who is making his annual pilgrimage to Wrigley Field. Godspeed, Sultan. Data about the health of

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How can railroads and shippers use technology to bolster service and capacity?

How can railroads and shippers use technology to bolster service and capacity? Much of the recent discussion around technology and the railroads ha

association of american railroadsbiarri railrail capacityrail technologyrailroadrailroad technologyrailroadswabtec
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Market volatility and China tariffs could benefit Mexico as top U.S. trade partner

As the United States-China trade war frightened stock markets on August 5 into their worst day of the year, some analysts said Mexico could find a sil

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CBP updates mitigation guidelines for export seizures

Guidelines offer U.S. exporters and forwarders insight on how to work with Customs and Border Protection when exports are seized for violations. U.S.

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Ten things to consider before buying your next Class 8 truck

Deciding to purchase a Class 8 truck is a large and serious investment. Truck drivers often dream about the day they drive their very own Class 8 ve

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Freight All Kinds – the Logistics of Shipping Racecars

Freight All Kinds – the Logistics of Shipping Racecars There was a time when he was a younger man that Brian Colangelo felt the need for speed. A t

auto racingfreightfreight all kindsimsanascarracecars
Source: FreightWaves

Legislation seeks to revive U.S. Shipbuilding and Shipping

Legislators propose a share of U.S. crude oil and natural gas exports be transported in ships built in the U.S. and operated with U.S. crews.

Source: FreightWaves

CBP should update internal policies for inspections, GAO says

Customs and Border Protection should update some policies for port-of-entry inspections to help ensure that officers have necessary guidance to consi

Source: FreightWaves

Small fleets continue to lag behind larger peers in ELD compliance

The number of carriers that have traded in their automatic onboard recording devices (AOBRDs) for electronic logging devices (ELDs) continues to grow.

Source: FreightWaves

Euronav waits on 2019 recovery as it notches second quarter loss

Euronav (NYSE: EURN) reported a loss that was slightly lower than expected, despite the ongoing weakness in oil tanker rates. The tanker company expec

trucking market
Source: FreightWaves

Freight volumes steady as turbulence hits the stock market

Freight volumes steady as turbulence hits the stock market Freight volumes finished the week slightly lower as financial markets whipsawed back and f

Source: FreightWaves

The role of identity & data management in transportation

As with other industries (finance, healthcare, retail), the transportation and logistics industry is undergoing a digital transformation. The advent o

Source: FreightWaves

Canada invests over $100 million in rail-related infrastructure projects

Federal agency Transport Canada and Minister of Transport Marc Garneau have made a string of rail-related infrastructure funding announcements in re

Source: FreightWaves

When OFAC wants information, exporters better deliver

When OFAC wants information, exporters better deliver The Treasury Department agency takes a dim view of those companies that do not take its adminis

Source: FreightWaves

What goes into designing smartphone applications that truckers truly love

As technology continues to envelop the lives of truck drivers within the freight ecosystem, it is vital for businesses that design the software and ap

Source: FreightWaves

The only certainty for equity markets and transportation stocks is uncertainty

Trade rhetoric has the equity markets in flux since the latest tariff warning was announced at the beginning of August. Notably, sectors with meaningf

Source: DAT

10 things to know about the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax

Summer is here, and you know what that means: vacations, barbecues, and...taxes? The Heavy Vehicle Use Tax season is upon us. Below are answers to

Source: FreightWaves

Six challenges and changes taking place in last-mile delivery in 2019

Six challenges and changes taking place in last-mile delivery in 2019 Many consumers don’t think about the processes that items go through before t

Source: DAT

TIA offers courses for new freight brokers

It's hard enough getting new employees up to speed on your company's processes, procedures, and computer systems. But who has time to teach them the b

freight agent
Source: FreightWaves

Agencies propose to expand acquisitions for overseas small businesses

DoD, GSA and NASA are issuing a proposed rule to clarify that small business contracting rules may be applied to contracts performed outside the U.S.

Source: DAT

5 simple ways brokers can improve their credit score

When a carrier searches for a load on DAT load boards, they'll often get dozens of results, especially on popular lanes. So how can a broker make tha

brokerfreight agent
Source: FreightWaves

UPS takes rare step outside four walls, names Pepsi executive new CFO

UPS Inc. (NYSE:UPS) said today it has named Brian Newman, executive vice president of finance and operations, Latin America for PepsiCo. (NYSE:PEP) to

Source: FreightWaves

Trucking rates fall again

Trucking rates fall again Data on producer prices shows that wholesale inflation pressure was nearly nonexistent in July. Industry detail showed broa

Source: FreightWaves

Weekly Fuel Report

Source: FreightWaves

Seaspan: Containership demand cushioning trade war impact

The company attributes a year-over-year revenue decline to “changes in the daily charter hire rates of seven rechartered vessels.” Bing Chen, the

Source: FreightWaves

Customs brokers see role in combating counterfeit goods

“Part of the solution to the counterfeiting problem must involve greater transparency and information sharing” between the agencies and indust

Source: FreightWaves

Cargo activity at several Texas airports showed significant increases for first half of 2019

Trade increases with Mexico, Chile, Germany, The Netherlands and England In Texas, several major and regional airports posted large

Source: FreightWaves

Freight All Kinds – The logistics of a college football game

Freight All Kinds – The logistics of a college football game FreightWaves features Market Voices – a forum for voices with unique knowledge of nu

Source: FreightWaves

Average price of diesel has become a solid barometer for freight activity, here is why

At first it seems obvious, or it should after you hear it. Diesel prices increase as general freight volumes increase. After all, the largest consumer

Source: FreightWaves

Marine terminals look to tech to keep trucking on track at ports

Marine terminals look to tech to keep trucking on track at ports Ports are a warren of truck lanes and container stacks. That physical maze is matche

Source: FreightWaves

Texas’ two busiest land ports reported slight trade declines amid ongoing economic uncertainties

Port Laredo and the Port of El Paso reported declines in total trade volumes for the first six months of 2019, compared to the same period last year.

Source: FreightWaves

Gas stations dry up in Portugal amidst trucker strike

Gas stations dry up in Portugal amidst trucker strike Portugal is in the midst of a fuel crisis, engineered by a nationwide strike of truck drivers

Source: RedWoodLogistics

When a medical supplies provider needed dedicated capacity and effective warehousing to meet ever-increasing demands, they called on Redwood to get it done.

When a medical supplies provider needed dedicated capacity and effective warehousing to meet ever-increasing demands, they called on Redwood to get it

Source: FreightWaves

FreightWaves oil report: just about everything points to lower prices

A weekly look at what occurred in the oil markets of the U.S. and the world this past week and what’s ahead. If the price of diesel spikes becaus

Source: FreightWaves

Navistar cuts medium-duty truck production in Ohio

Navistar International Inc. (NYSE: NAV) is the first major truck maker to confirm a reduction in production rates in the current economic cycle.

Source: FreightWaves

The only certainty for equity markets and transportation stocks is uncertainty

Trade rhetoric has the equity markets in flux since the latest tariff warning was announced at the beginning of August. Notably, sectors with meaningf

Source: CNN

The world's most harrowing roads (that you'd actually want to drive)

Ready for a road trip you'll never forget? Set your sights on one of these adventurous stretches of highway that provide access to some of the most

Source: FreightWaves

Driver productivity and freight capacity in hours of service spotlight

Federal regulators highlighted an estimated $275 million saved by the trucking industry as a result of productivity gains from just one of the one of

driver issuesnewsproductivitytrucking
Source: FreightWaves

Trucking capacity bleed-off is now supportive of rates

Trucking carriers continue to exit the market, citing a variety of reasons including the regulatory environment, low rates, inflated wages and high in

capacityspot ratestrucking
Source: FreightWaves

Commerzbank tests blockchain-based payments for machine-to-machine transactions

Major German bank Commerzbank announced that it has developed a blockchain-based payment solutionthat specifically automates machine-to-machine (M2M)

Source: FreightWaves

Finding transportation capacity during the crunch

It was hard to escape the economic realities of the transportation capacity crunch in 2018. DAT Solutions, which tracks trucking industry data, report

Source: CNN

How long until Hyperloop is here?

The year is 2030. You're in a sleek pod-like capsule that's levitating inside a low pressure steel tube and accelerating across the country at speeds

Source: CNN

Daimler is building electric trucks to make online shopping greener

London (CNN Business) - Online shopping makes life easier for consumers but it can harm the environment, especially if you opt for express deli

electricgreen truckingtransportationtrucks
Source: CNN

Ford, VW alliance may create the cars of the future

Ford and Volkswagen announced a long-anticipated plan Tuesday to build vehicles together. The automakers said they have signed an agreement to

Source: TTNews

Trailer Orders in Summer Slump

Preliminary net U.S. trailer orders in July dropped 68% from a year earlier, falling below 10,000 for the second consecutive month, FTR reported.

Source: FreightWaves

Fitzgerald Glider Kits potentially on hook for $83 million in taxes

A tax bill that the U.S. government claims is owed by Fitzgerald Glider Kits has ballooned to $83 million as the company continues to dispute the or

legal issuesnewstrucking
Source: FreightWaves

Truck drivers generally pan proposed revisions to hours-of-service rules

The long-awaited proposed changes to federal hours-of-service (HOS) rules for trucking failed to impress most drivers who spoke with FreightWaves, w

driver issuesnewsregulationtrucking
Source: FreightWaves

Box-ship giant Maersk reports huge rise in second quarter profit

Earlier today in Europe, Danish shipping giant A.P. Moller–Maersk (NASDAQ: Maersk A; NASDAQ: Maersk B) reported a massive increase in second qu

Source: FreightWaves

Redwood Games raise $130,000 for juvenile diabetes research

Last Thursday, August 8, Redwood Logistics held its seventh annual Redwood Games, a competition between teams of Redwood employees, at Montrose Beac

Source: FreightWaves

Port Report: NY-NJ port moves container via electric truck

The Port of New York and New Jersey is touting efforts to clear the air around its marine terminals as the first zero-emission drayage truck goes in

american shippercontainergreen truckingshippingtrucking
Source: FreightWaves

Feds fund trucking improvements at the Port of Montreal

The Canadian government will invest C$18.5 million to improve trucking operations at the Port of Montreal, and alleviate the congestion accompanying

Source: FreightWaves

Vancouver’s record mid-year report can’t hide trade turbulence

The Port of Vancouver handled a record amount of cargo in volumes and containers during the first half of 2019 as Canada’s largest maritime trade

american shippercompilancenewsshippingtrade
Source: FreightWaves

Titanium to continue expansion into ‘behemoth’ U.S. market

Titanium Transportation Group (TSX-V:TTR) plans to grow its U.S. brokerage business after the Canadian company’s first international office “exc

Source: FreightWaves

Six drone delivery use cases and lessons for companies to use

raffic congestion, road work and limited parking options are among the many things delivery drivers deal with when bringing cargo to customers. Deli

Source: Mashable

Instagram's new security feature makes it easier to block apps from your account

Instagram is once again beefing up its security. The app will add a new feature that makes it easier for people to control which third-party apps h

advicehacksocial mediatechnology
Source: Mashable

Most dominant shark of the deep sea tagged at depth for the first time

Dean Grubbs thinks great white sharks are boring. The veteran shark scientist, who has researched different shark species for 30 years, is vastly m

Source: VoiceofAmerica

On Amazon’s List of Principles: Regulate Facial Recognition Tech

WASHINGTON - Amazon is endorsing the idea of government regulation of facial recognition technology, as part of a wide-ranging statement of its princi

Source: USAToday

Should your real estate agent give you referrals when you're buying or selling a home?

In the pressure cooker of home sales, it may seem easier to pick a real estate professional with a referral network of other pros you’ll need. B

financehomereal estate
Source: USAToday

Who needs an implanted microchip when there's an app for that?

Forget about having to get chipped in today's workplace. Access technology is playing a huge role in offices, where buildings are more security cons

Source: USAToday

These are the biggest cruise ships in the world

24/7 Tempo determined the largest cruise ships based on the maximum number of non-crew passengers they can accommodate. Scroll through the gallery to

Source: TheIndependent

Summer-born children ‘more likely to be diagnosed with depression’ than older pupils

Summer-born children could be more likely to be diagnosed with depression by the time they reach GCSE age than older children in the school ye

Source: TheIndependent

Nearly half of private renters ‘one pay check away from losing home’, research finds

Almost half of working private renters in England could not afford to pay their rent for more than a month if they lost their job, housing charity 

Source: TheIndependent

How the #bookstagram movement has changed the way fiction is marketed, reviewed and read

"Let me talk to you about this book, because I have a lot of emotions going on,” begins one Bookstagram caption. Another describes a novel by Gabri

Source: Mashable

Notoriously proactive Twitter finally gets around to banning outright scams

Because maybe, possibly, we guess, there should be a policy about that. Twitter, the tech industry darling notorious for proactively addressing 

Source: USAtoday

What to look for in hidden fees on travel sites

LOS ANGELES – How did a hotel room offer of $137 a night for two nights turn into $373.38? Hidden fees. Travel websites are notorious for hooking

Source: BBCnews

Tech Tent: Can AI revolutionise health?

If there's one area where there's real excitement about the improvements in our lives which advances in artificial intelligence could bring, it is hea

Source: Newyorktimes

Virtual Reality Video Games That Double as Exercise

Virtual reality is still niche, but a growing crop of VR games with a fitness element may inspire people to pick up a headset. Here’s what to kn

Source: BBCnews

Live facial recognition surveillance 'must stop'

UK police and companies must stop using live facial recognition for public surveillance, politicians and campaigners have said. The technology allows

Source: mashable

How to master internet safety for kids

Parents may be among the world's best multitaskers, but they're no match for the internet's ability to churn out content designed to grab kids' attent

Source: mashable

See what AI really thinks of you with this deeply humbling website

You are nothing more than a collection of deeply embarrassing and problematic machine learning-determined classifiers. That humbling truth is broug

Source: USAtoday


After years of working with friends, family, and readers helping them get the most out of their TVs, there's one mistake I've noticed most people maki

Source: NewYorkTimes

I Shared My Phone Number. I Learned I Shouldn’t Have.

Our personal tech columnist asked security researchers what they could find out about him from just his cellphone number. Quite a lot, it turns out.

Source: Mmashable

Mercedes-Benz's electric car concept has an LED grille and 'fragrance flask

Mercedes-Benz has a new vision for the electric car, and involves fragrance flasks and 3D LED light arrays. The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS, a new con

Source: NewYorkTimes

How to Make Your Smartphone Last Longer

Smartphones are more expensive than ever, but we still don’t keep them very long. Here’s why, and what you can do to extend their life. When you

Source: The New York Times

How to Remember a License Plate

“Memory decays very quickly,” says Caren Rotello, chairwoman of the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of Massachus

Source: NewYorkTimes

When Climate Change Is Stranger Than Fiction

How do you capture the realities of climate change in a novel — not just its causes and symptoms, but the ever-changing, ever-weirder ways it is man

Source: NewYorkTimes

The Second City Claims First in Architecture

On a sunny summer day in Chicago, visitors to the Chicago Architecture Center had only to cross busy Wacker Drive to board the tour boat that

Source: NewYorkTimes

How to Improve Your Outdoor Space

Get an apartment in the city with a balcony, roof deck or terrace, and you are guaranteed to be the envy of your friends. In the suburbs, a green back

homelandscapingprofessionalreal estate
Source: TheNewYorkTimes

How High Tech Is Transforming One of the Oldest Jobs: Farming

This article is part of our ongoing Fast Forward series, which examines technological, economic, social and cultural shifts that happen as busine

Source: Mashable

I traveled 5,000 miles to take photos of the solar eclipse

In late June, I flew from New York to Buenos Aires on my first trip to South America. I was looking forward to visiting a new continent, seeing parts

photographysolar eclipsetravel
Source: The New Yorker

How Daniil Medvedev Became the Antihero of the U.S. Open

aniil Medvedev is tall and gaunt, with a patchy mustache under his long, sharp nose and a scrappy goatee on his chin. He is twenty-three, and his lig

Source: LawyerMonthly

The Best Corporate Health Retreats For Business And Leisure

Coping with the stress and pressure that the modern working environment puts us under can be disruptive to both our mental and physical health. As a s

Source: USAToday

Papers, please! Don't let travel document problems ground your next vacation

If you think your international travel documents for your next trip abroad are ship-shape, you might want to talk to Chrysoula Chrysogelou. Chrysogel

Source: USAToday

These 9 cars are about to disappear from dealer lots after being discontinued

Had your heart set on a Chevrolet Volt? Been eying a Toyota Prius C? Always wanted a Buick LaCrosse? Better act fast. Those vehicles are among a han

automotivecar rental
Source: USAToday

Trade war: How tariffs on clothing, TVs and school supplies could affect you next week

So far, the American shopper has been a bit player in President Donald Trump’s trade war with China. Starting Sunday, U.S. households take center s

Source: USAToday

Low-fat diet with more fruits and vegetables may decrease risk of dying from breast cancer

Women who lowered the fat in their diets while eating healthier foods had a lower risk of dying from breast cancer than those with higher-fat diets,

Source: USAToday

Increasing red meat consumption tied to higher risk of early death, study says

Increasing the amount of red meat you eat can increase your risk of early death, a study that tracked more than 80,000 people's eating habits found.

Source: USAToday

Is your sunscreen 'safe'? What you need to know about protecting yourself from the sun this summer

With Memorial Day around the corner, sunscreens on the market today may be providing inferior sun protection or contain potentially harmful chemic

Source: USAToday

US News & World Report ranks America's 'best' colleges. But, is there really a way to know?

College rankings purport to tell the public which schools are worthwhile, even though many academics view the rankings as worthless. The latest salvo

Source: FoxBusiness

How to hit the gym without leaving your home

Virtual realityOpens a New Window. is for more than video games. Now, it's giving people a whole new way to get fit while in their living roomsOpens

Source: FoxBusiness

How blockchains could give central banks a run for their money

For five years, Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne has been involved in the record-keeping technology behind cryptocurrenciesOpens a New Window., which is

Source: FoxBusiness

Southern California homes selling near record-high prices, who is still buying?

While the median sales price of a home in Southern California hovered near record highs last month, salesOpens a New Window. began to pick up as mo

professionalreal estate
Source: FoxBusiness

Toyota recalls 191,000 cars with defective airbags. What drivers need to know

Auto-manufacturing giant Toyota announced it’s recalling 191,000 cars in the United States and Japan to fix defective Takata-brand airbags that may

automotivecar maintenance
Source: FoxBusiness

Here’s why a majority of millennials are rejected for loans, credit cards

Approximately 58 percent of millennialsOpens a New Window. have been rejected for at least one financial productOpens a New Window., a new survey h

Source: USAToday

Nearly 10% of Americans have a nutritional deficiency. These are the most common

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that nearly 10% of all Americans have a nutritional deficiency. 24/7 Wall Street compiled the 1

Source: foxbusiness

Hackers wanted: Apple offering $1M to hack iPhone

AppleOpens a New Window. is looking for hackers to find vulnerabilities in iPhones and Macs, and it has even raised the bounty to a mind-blowing $1 m

Source: qodeinteractive

How to Choose the Right Font for Your Website

Designing a website is an intense process that entails a lot of hard work. There’s so much to think about, from the color scheme and

tmswebsitewebsite creation
Source: foxbusiness

Student loan debt hurting most Americans' retirement savings, study finds

Outstanding student loan debt is on the rise in the U.S. —  in June, it nearly hit $1.6 trillion, a record amount — and more Americans are delayi

Source: entrepreneuer

How Data Can Help You to Personalize Marketing Events and Boost ROI

Event hosting can provide the ideal platform for networking and raising awareness of new products and services. Each year, marketers devote massive bu

event planninglifestyle
Source: Freight Waves

UPS buys stake in self-driving outfit TuSimple

United Parcel Service (NYSE: UPS) has purchased a minority stake in the self-driving company TuSimple. The investment coincides with ongoing autonomou

autonomous truckautonomous truckingnewsself-driving
Source: Freight Waves

Is Uber’s “forward looking” too hazy for investors?

Since Uber went public in May 2019, journalists and analysts have sharpened their skepticism regarding the viability of the company’s sweeping ambit

Source: Freight Waves

Trucking software supplier adds mountain corridor safety notifications

Four months after an out-of-control runaway truck slammed into stopped traffic near Lakewood, Colorado and killed four people, a trucking software sup

Source: Freightwaves

There’s an app for that: Providing driver value alongside freight visibility

In order for a third-party logistics company (3PL) to compete in today’s market, it must provide start-to-finish visibility for its customers. Compa

green truckinginnovationnewstrucktrucking
Source: Computer World

OS X Mavericks: How and why to Repair Disk

Is your Mac running slow? If you've tried everything else to get performance back to what it was, it may be time to Repair your disk. So, how and wh

computer repairtms
Source: Entrepreneur

Wining and Dining to Grow Your Business and Brand

In his book, Power Entertaining, author Eddie Osterland details how to turn entertaining into an opportunity to build and brand your business. In t

Source: Search Engine Land

How Google Ads’ new keyword selection preferences work

A look at the potential impact of same-meaning close variants for exact match, phrase match and broad match modifier on your keyword matching.

tmswebsite creation
Source: ASPCA

It’s Hot Out! Should You Shave Your Pet?

Summer is in full swing, and temperatures are heating up nationwide. We know that as a responsible pet parent, you want to do everything you can to

Source: Lawn and Landscape

The cost of a bad hire

We need to do a better job on the front end by making sure we get it right the first time around when hiring new team members. Our good employees ca

Source: Computer World

How to develop a mobile device repair or replace strategy

As mobile devices become a primary computing platform for many enterprise employees, repairing or replacing smartphones and tablets at the local App

computer repairtechnology
Source: rAVe Publications

The User Interface — It’s Not Business, It’s Personal

If you’re a movie fan, you’re well aware of the ongoing conflict often portrayed between humans and machines in a dystopian future. Think “Wes

audio visualtechnology
Source: Cooper

The evolution of visual design and tech’s designer renaissance

With a background in visual design, I got my start as an interaction designer working on software that allowed users to professionally print and pro

technologywebsite creation
Source: Entrepreneur

Host a Big Event, and Watch Your Customer Base Grow

It happens about once a year. The local bank, hardware store or real-estate firm holds their customer-appreciation event. Where I live, these eve

event planninglifestyle
Source: Fox Business

How to protect yourself from an online dating scam, duping victims out of millions

Fraudsters are prowling online dating sites in their search for people to scam, according to the FBI. More than 18,000 people complained to

Source: Fox Business

Spending safely in retirement: Why it is important

As more Americans are living longer, many Baby BoomersOpens a New Window. worry if their retirement income will last through their lifetime.  Onc

Source: Fox Business

This monthly subscription gives you unlimited access to luxurious resorts around the world

From Netflix to Spotify, to Rent the Runway, some of the most popular services these days are based on the "all you can binge" concept. Inspi

Source: USA Today

Stay prepared: Foods with the longest shelf life

We have assembled a representative list of the longest lasting foods, including some that will last for weeks, and some that are virtually immortal.

Source: Fox Business

Meghan Markle’s LA home before royalty up for sale

If you’re looking to get a slice of life from the former Hollywood actress-turned royal, Meghan Markle, look no further. The California nat

professionalreal estate
Source: USA Today

This is the state where fixing your car costs the most

The check engine light goes on, and suddenly you are on your way to the repair shop or dealership instead of somewhere more pleasant. The cost to re

automotivecar repair
Source: Fox Business

Student loan debt is fastest growing household debt category in US: JPMorgan Chase

Paying off student loans is not just a personal problem, it is often a family issue, according to a new in-depth report by JPMorgan ChaseOpens a Ne

Source: USA Today

How to protect your privacy when you travel

It hasn't been an easy year for the privacy of travelers, at least so far. Data breaches, surveillance worries and those troublesome cameras in air

Source: USA Today

WiFi can be a free-for-all for hackers. Here's how to stop them from taking your data

LAS VEGAS — The connectivity at Black Hat and DEF CON is not where you want to gamble. Both conferences attract thousands of information-secur


TMS Application coming soon

We are proud to announce that our IT team is working on a new and fully functional mobile application. With the tap of a button, simply sched


Taylor mobile service Application

We are proud to anounce that our IT team is working on a new and fully functional mobile application. With the tap of a button, simply schedu


We are hiring!

Mechanic Technician/ Oil Tech Taylor Mobile Services is looking for experienced, and self-motivated mechanics who enjoy working with a like-m


We are hiring!

LEADS TECH Duties include changing oil, changing tires, and other duties. Must be a quick learner, and have some auto mechanical knowledge. M

Source: Recruiting.com

Why Your Candidates are Standing You Up

We’ve all been there. It’s 3:05 and your 3pm interview hasn’t arrived yet. You’re likely getting caught up on some things while

Source: Recruiting.com

World's Toughest Job: How to Shift Perspective in Your Job Ads

Would you ever consider taking a job that requires more than 135 hours a week? One that asks you to juggle multiple tasks, to forget about breaks and

Source: HumanResourcesToday

People Analytics: How to Solve Business Problems

Every business has problems they want to solve. It could be a small problem or a large one. The key to solving business problems is Gathering the

Source: TheMuse

7 Signs Human Resources Could Be the Perfect Career for You

Think you might be interested in a career in human resources? Not sure what HR is? You’re not alone. Many people don’t understand what HR really i

advicecareerhuman resources
Source: TheMuse

Applying for an Administrative Assistant Job? Here's How to Write Your Resume (Example Included)

Administrative assistants play a crucial role in keeping a team, department, or office running, often specializing in managing important functions lik

Source: HumanResourcesToday

Why Leaders Should Encourage Employee Autonomy

Despite all we’ve written on the subject over the years, micromanagement continues to plague organizations everywhere, and at some point in your c

Source: Visier

People Analytics Value: Moving Beyond HR to Business Impact

For the past few years, HR leaders have been hammered with research and blog posts reminding them that if they aren’t using HR technology, they’re

businesshuman resources
Source: HumanResourcesToday

Infographic: The Cost of a Bad Manager

Employee engagement surveys are great at helping you find the cracks in your company.  They help you measure a number of things, but some of those i

Source: HumanResourcesToday

Recruiting Source Effectiveness: Focus on Quality Over Quantity

We know that organizations are looking for new and creative ways to recruit. Unemployment remains low. Many industries are facing skills gaps. And Boo

Source: HRMorning

We reinvented our onboarding program: Why every employee must attend

It’s no secret that onboarding often gets overlooked and lumped together with a new hire’s orientation. Onboarding programs often fail becaus

Source: HRMorning

Successful recruiting is all in the scheduling: Here are 5 reasons why

The key to successful recruiting is good interview scheduling, which is too often an overlooked part of the hiring process. When done right, good inte

Source: HRMorning

5 ways HR tech can improve onboarding and help you retain your best people

Employees are an indispensable resource – and in this competitive hiring market, companies can’t afford turnover. So now more than ever, businesse

human resource managementonboardingtechnology
Source: HRMorning

In the age of legal weed, new breath tests show promise for employers

Employers have never had accurate drug testing options to determine when an employee might have ingested marijuana and, therefore, if they are likely

Source: HRMorning

2020 trends: More employers offering paid parental leave

The 14th largest private company in the U.S. announced Nov. 7 that it now offers six weeks of paid parental leave to most of its 28,000 employees foll

employeeparental leavetime offworkplace
Source: HumanResourcesToday

8 Questions Your Employer/HR are Not Allowed to Ask You

What’s the weirdest, wackiest, most intrusive question your boss or manager has asked you? Most employees, including me, have one or two stories to

adviceinterviewinterview tips
Source: EDSISolutions

Apprenticeships and Six Ways They Can Benefit Your Company

It’s no secret that companies in all employment sectors are facing challenging workforce shortages and gaps. What many companies don’t k

Source: HumanResourcesToday

Communication in Online Setting: A Challenge For Every HR Department